E n g r a v i n g / S u b l i m a t i n g / L a s e r

Our employees and machines can complete the engraving process in multiple ways. These methods have their own appearance and characteristics so you can choose what you like. The available information listed below show basic colors, arrangement, and options; a general guideline to your finished plating and metal knowledge.


Emails are sent before jobs are completed to ensure drafts are correct.

Diamond Drag


Dragging a piece of diamond 

along the top layer of the plaque, leaves behind an etched engraving into the metal.  

Variations of Color


 Even more engraving options are available, offering different colors and lettering.



Sublimating transfers the ink, image or text, from a piece of paper to the sheet of metal by pressing it down with an absurd amount of heat and pressure. 




Lasered engraving is an

alternative choice. Dragging an intense light across the surface, it removes the top layer and leaves the underlying metal showing.  


Each plate can be re-designed with custom edges or screw holes depending on what trophy you've chosen.



Standard additions to perpetuals are easy and can be made to look exactly like the previous years.



D i a m o n d   D r a g.


L a s e r  E n g r a v i n g


Diamond Drag is the original method of engraving. The difference you

 visibly see between these engravings are the lines within Diamond Drag. Because of its nature, dragging a piece of diamond across the outside and

inside of the text and letters leaves the lines etched within the content.  





 Laser engraving is done with the newest process of dragging an

intense light across the surface of the plate or material, Giving us more

options to either use traditional painted metal, wood plaques, and

other materials to engrave directly into the award. The painted metal

usually has a black background and has gold text, the gold text is left

behind after the laser engraver burns into the black painted plate. This

rule applies to the other options that allow different painted metal.

Blue, Green, Red, Etc.


 !!! A quick reminder about laser engraving !!!

You can directly engrave onto the material itself. Which means.. ! We're able to engrave on almost anything, just as long as it does not go over the 4 inch mark. Plaques, plastics, leathers, pens, pencils, signs, and so much more. Given a little time, elbow grease, and imagination, we're likely to be able to engrave almost anything. Just give us a call ahead to double check. 

S u b l i m a t i o n

Sublimation is our simplest and most efficient method of transferring text and images to plaques and small plates. Sublimation literally takes a printed sheet that's been drafted on the computer, and transfers it within a heat press. Having the text transfer on Gold , Silver , White , or Bronze, gives the option for you to provide multiple awards and plaques on different levels of achievement.


Just remember that if you're text or image blends into the background it will be more difficult to distinct them from a distance

For example. a Yellow Bee on a Gold Plate


Fonts, Colors, and Designing

Because most of our sketch and draft work is completed on the computer, we're able to print more than just words. Font, coloring, style, and borders can be changed or re-arranged in the order you prefer. Prices may vary depending on what method and product you choose, but the experience will always end the same. We email all drafts out to customers to be approved, giving you the chance to see the design before the actual plaque or product is done. 

 Font can easily be changed.  Customers have been known to bring in their own font and images.



  Creative Fantasy Team names with matching font and colors, make your Fantasy Football trophy all the more memorable. 


Creating visible artwork and

 legible font make the plaques,

trophies, or medals look 100x better.



 Adding a player or coach's name 

is simple. Just remember better images result it better finished product.