P l a q u e s

Creating a plaque is as simple as "one, two, three!" With an inventory at arms reach,

we're able to show you almost the whole process. Once, you pick out the 

material and what type of plaque, you'll be able to show us what you want

presented on the plaques/awards. That's where the creativity comes into play.

We draft and sketch all layouts and designs from our computers.

You will then receive a mock-up of what to expect. After approval, we move forward.



Refer back to the engraving informational area to give you more insight on HOW the context will be applied. Subtle differences can be seen between engraving and laser engraving, but we're here to help show you the best options. All plaques, glass, acrylic, and standard wood, come with engraving.


Additions to perpetuals are quick, easy, and inexpensive!


Additional Information regarding font and design..

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1. Deciding from the different types of plaques and how to arrange them can be difficult. Different sizes, shapes, etc., are available. New York and county plaques are a special ordered item. 


2. Arranging the plates, text, and objects within the plaque can be changed within moments when a replacement is needed. 



3. Finally transferring the content itself. 

- Refer back to engraving on how it would present itself - 






Plaques can be arranged with additional cosmetics. Frames and glass placed within the plaque for example.

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Various colors are available 





and several others. These plaques require a longer wait time; limited stock.


High Gloss Mahogany /

Other Materials


Mahogany and other different wood finishes are available. They are a little more expensive but the quality speaks for itself.



Special Order


Special ordered plaques need to ordered in advance. These include brass castings & larger signs, and require a deposit when ordering. Just ask about them!


     Engrave the entire design within the wooden plaque itself! Below are some great examples.


Acrylic & Glass/Crystals

These types of awards and trophies provide a sense of professionalism.

Glass and acrylic may look the same but they do have their differences. Having

your business, school, or sporting event present these definitely show that you care 

about your participants.


To look at our entire inventory on what we offer click the link below.

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Acrylics engrave easier than any material provided a crisp and clean award. But because acrylic does not allow light to pass through it as easily as glass, it does not show as much of a shine or luster as glass/crystal would. On the other hand, it will hold up better than glass. 




These tend to look the best out of anything we carry and allow awards to be presented with the most amount of clarity. Crystal and glass tend to weigh more than plastic and feel less "cheap." These awards are perceived at a higher value and will make the recipient feel more important. Just remember that glass is more fragile.




Only glass, acrylic, and select products can be put through the laser engraver at the

moment. Some time in the near future, we'll be able to transfer in different ways. 
Remember the laser drags an intense light across the surface, but it does not mean

you're limited to only lettering. Just makes sure to ask what images can be transferred to

them. Logos, faces, and designs are just some things we are able to do.