All the trophies are custom to order and prices are based on arrival/appointment. 

The more trophies purchased, the better deal you get! Your ideal trophy is waiting!




 We have a store full of inventory, as well as our distributor's selection. Between the number of options and variations that are possible, you'll be spending half the time just thinking about what your perfect trophy looks like. Whether it's hockey in the winter with blue cylinders on a 2x3 marble or silver columns with a soccer figure for the summer leagues, we have it.  Regardless of the requirements, we will give you the best customer experience.

Standard Cylinders 


Cylinders come in all sorts of sizes and color.


2" /  4" /  6" /  8"  are usually the standard sizes. Any taller would require multiple tiers.


Wide Columns 


Columns are wider and require larger marble base. 

Assorted Colors & Material


Not only do we carry the basic colors but we also carry wood, metal, and other materials providing a huge variety to choose from.

Multiple Tiers


Now .. if you want to show someone they're really a winner, or the event is so spectacular you need more levels or "tiers," then this will truly show who the real winner is.

Colors that we provide include:

 Blue / Gold trim                             

 Green / Gold trim                           

 Red / Gold trim                                   

 Orange / Gold trim

 Purple / Gold trim 

 SIlver / Gold trim 

 Gold / Silver trim



 Not only do we provide colors but prints

of specific events and sports. Just make sure to

ask what we have in stock!  





Important Reminder!

Each trophy comes with a piece of marble or wood for the base. Both black and white marble are available. Wood is available for the larger trophies. Each base comes with the engraving. The smallest and most common plate size we work with is:


2'' x 5/8''

Too many words makes refitting difficult. 



Some bases allow more

 content to be added within the plate depending on

how much space is available.



   Our selection of figures come from our distribution center. External links provided below give you an idea of what we

have in stock or are able to provide. Not only that, but we'll be happy to order any figure

you need if we do not carry the specific one.


Figures: Medals/Medallions, Trophies Pre-Built: Brass/Aluminum Cups


Cups, Glass, Crystal Trophies and Awards


Resin Trophies & Figures

Here are some of the resin trophies and examples of the figures we are able to provide. 



Depending on what size and type of trophy the event demands, large cups give more recognition. Cups offer the ability to engrave directly onto the cup itself and the bottom portion as well. There are small, medium, and large cups available. Make sure to ask about the size difference and we'll be happy to show you them in person. 


The base provides the space not only for the plates, but it also gives the actual trophy a place to stand on.





If you have recurring events, then a multiple tier base with several plates will suit your needs. 


Refer back to engraving section for help on how you want the plates to look.

Enormous cups are available along with the ability to mount custom items. A lot can be done with some creativity and elbow grease.